Marketing Automation


Marketing automation is the use of software to capture, store, analyze and use sales-related data. In this case, the workflows of classic marketing are automated. Communication channels are all integrated into one system. Users and prospects are addressed in a targeted manner via landing pages, individualized newsletters, social media platforms, pop-ups, messages etc., always with a focus on the customer’s journey. In each phase of the marketing funnel, relevant information is provided.


With Marketing Automation, you can address your leads in different phases in the Sales Funnel using targeted campaigns. Since the short attention span of the customer is used optimally, customer satisfaction and conversion rates increase.
The use of marketing automation software leads to a better understanding of the customer which can be a steep learning curve. Processes become transparent. Marketing tools like Mautic discover potentials within the data pool to further optimize your campaigns. Better, faster and cheaper than a human ever could.
Systematic Outreach does more than just lead management and automating the emailing process. Marketing Automation with Systematic Outreach helps you to better reach your prospects, and to attract and retain them as customers. With our expertise, we can easily adapt our system to any application scenario. Our experts implement professional marketing strategies, which are automated and implemented with a low use of resources. We, Systematic Outreach, are here to help you implement Marketing Automation and leverage this great technology. Our Software is based on Mautic, which is open source and free. This way, we can deliver an excellent product at an affordable price point.

Systematic Outreach is an open source full-stack marketing solution based on Mautic. It is used for analytics (reporting), marketing automation, landing page creation, social media marketing and email marketing. Additionally it provides lead maintenance, lead monitoring, calendars, events, forms, and more. We can adapt and expand our solution easily to meet every clients request.

Our software is based on Mautic, a great alternative to the other commercial marketing automation platforms on the market. Creating a personalized experience for your target audience is no longer an insurmountable goal. Our team of experts have the skills and flexibility to build from the simplest to the most elaborate multi-channel campaigns. Combine this with dynamic content in personalized messages, and through a few simple steps, we can make your communication smarter, more creative, and build deeper relationships with your customers. With Systematic Outreach, you can better understand your customers, provide them with relevant information, and build a lasting relationship with them.
Systematic Outreach specializes in consulting, development, marketing execution and hosting & support. Our services are designed to work with you, to support and accelerate every phase of the implementation cycle, from installation and planning through customization and deployment to execution and integration. We also provide help desk and support services and make sure you always have a working system.
For each inquiry, our team of experts is at your disposal. Our motivation and aspiration is to help you develop your digital marketing strategies. We offer a wide range of practical know-how, whether B2B or B2C.

  • A / B test
  • Integrate your social media pages via API
  • Manage email marketing campaigns
  • Segment the customers based on their behavior, activities and information
  • Create landing pages and call-to-action forms
  • Create the dynamic content
  • Evaluate customer data

*We do not charge any licensing costs.