Reveled: Automation Software for Contact Management – what you should know

Marketing Automation Softwares allow you to build a rich and functional database of visitors, clients, and leads. This allows your company to execute automated actions as well as entire marketing campaigns based on the information collected and processed by the system. The behavior of each contact is tracked and rated individually and personally.

An up-to-date contact database can efficiently reach all your contacts, so you are able to target an audience for a campaign or trigger a bulk email message.

Contact data can be used within the email body, in messages, notifications, pop ups, landing pages, dynamic content, and much more. All those personalizations to your content can be done in real time.  It allows you to automatically use different channels like SMS, e-mail and notifications to communicate with your audience.

Custom Fields to Build Your Contact Base

We add custom fields to your contacts such as budget, meeting date, job information, pets, hobbies or anything else you need in your specific case. The first step is a deep analysis to figure out which data is beneficial for your business. It is very important to have all the information you want available for your automated campaigns and for helping you know every aspect of your contacts.

You can gather this data from custom fields through forms, quizzes, price draws, etc., then you can use the data in the body of emails and dynamic content or any other webspace you control. The software allows you to follow your contacts closely, allowing you the opportunity to know them, understand them and sell better (MORE!).

Lifecycle Stages

Using the stages in Marketing Automation to control the leads lifecycle is essential to getting to know your audience better. This is also essential to better organizing your contacts. The main stages that you should consider applying in your workflow are: Subscriber, Lead, Qualified Lead for Marketing, Qualified Lead for Sales, Opportunity, Customer and Evangelizer.

If you use inbound marketing in your business, recognize that your interactions and actions with your contacts should be constantly evolving. You have to communicate according to the stage in the contact’s life cycle since each stage requires a different approach to communicating with the lead.

Applying Tags to Contacts

With Marketing Automation Software, you have many ways to segment your contacts. Tags are effective and simply a way to segment your lists (though possibly one of the most powerful). With segments, you can filter a large group of contacts into different lists such as the traditional 4 market segmentations:

  • Geographic segmentation;
  • Demographic segmentation;
  • Psychographic segmentation;
  • Behavioral segmentation.

However, with tags you can create a sub-group inside these lists to create one or many secondary segments. The tags are so flexible you can apply them in the most diverse areas of your company, such as content tracking, user interaction with your website, commercial department, etc. You can also use the tags to control subscription services, products purchased, etc.

You can do many things with tags but for now, let’s consider one example involving behavioral segmentation. Behavioral segmentation is defined as the act of grouping customers based specifically on how they act as consumers when making purchasing decisions.

You can create a segment for the most loyal customers and a tag with the specific product name. You can create a campaign to tag the product name, when your contacts click on the corresponding link. This way you could for example create “most loyal” customer segment, created with a tag per product name. You are able to filter your contacts to find the most loyal customers per product. The software lets you tag contacts through campaigns, forms, and even the tracking script/pixel.

Systematic Outreach for Contact Management

Systematic Outreach is the right choice when it comes to marketing automation. Our proprietary software which is based on the open source tool Mautic, allows your business to manage contacts, observe the behavior of those leads on your website, and also improve communication with leads and close more sales.